Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Few ways of healing an infected belly piercing

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Getting your belly pierced is undoubtedly a great way of enhancing your hotness quotient. Belly piercings look especially hot when one sports a bikini or navel revealing tops. It is highly popular among the youth, especially those in the age bracket of 14-18.

Even experts say that amongst all piercings, the belly one usually takes the longest time to heal. It is not advisable to bend or squat when your piercing is brand new. In case you sense an infection, don’t ignore it. You might notice that your navel feels warm to the touch, may look inflamed and might be sore. This is fine on the first two days of piercing. But if the redness persists causing your piercing to swell and you see smelly, greenish-yellow pus oozing out of it, it is time for prompt action.

Here check out few ways of healing an infected belly piercing:

1. Wash your navel with salt water after you have finished bathing. Use a teaspoon of sea salt and mix it with some warm water. Soak a cotton ball in the salty concoction and place it on your piercing. It will hurt a little because of the presence of the sea salt. Hold it on the piercing for a few minutes and repeat a few times with new cotton balls. The heat from the warm water will help in increasing the blood flow to the infected piercing thus allowing the pus to drain out.

2. Don’t use a cloth as it can spread the infection. Cotton ball is the ideal option.

3. Do not use hydrogen peroxide or alcohol to clean your infected piercing as they do not aid healing.

4. Dilute a few drops of mother tincture in water and dab your piercing with this solution.

5. Don’t try and remove the belly ring. Infected piercings close up pretty fast and once you remove the ring you may not be able to re-insert it.

Source: TNN

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